S. No Name Make
1 Micro Process Based UV-Spectrophoto Meter Elico
2 Micro Process Based Conductivity/TDS Meter Elico
3 Nephelometer Elico
4 Micro Process Based Flame Photometer Elico
5 Gas Chromatograph Nucon
6 AAS Elico
  •   PrecisPTLS is furnished with all equipment/items, measurement equipment required for the correct performance of the test.
  •   Equipment and its software used for testing and sampling is capable of achieving the accuracy required and complies with specifications relevant to the tests concerned. Calibration programs are established for instruments where these properties have a significant effect on the results. Before being placed into service, equipment is calibrated or checked to establish that it meets laboratory’s specification requirements and complies with the relevant standard specifications. It is checked and/or calibrated before use.
  •   Equipment is operated by authorized personnel only. Up-to-date instructions on the use and maintenance of equipment (including any relevant manuals provided by the manufacturer of the equipment) are readily available for use by the appropriate laboratory personnel.
  •   All laboratory equipments are uniquely identified.
PTLS maintains records of equipment significant to the tests performed by the laboratory. The record includes the following:
  The name and identity of the item of equipment and it’s software;
  The manufacturers/supplier name, address, phone no, fax no, e-mail ID etc. Type identification, and serial number or other unique identification;
  Checks that equipment complies with the specification;
  The current location, where appropriate;
  The work instruction/ manufacturer’s instructions, if available. Or reference to their location;
  Dates, results and copies of reports and certificates of all calibration, adjustments, acceptance criteria, and the due date of next calibration;
  The maintenance plan, where appropriate, and maintenance carried out to date;
  Any damage, malfunction, modification or repair to the equipment.
  •   PTLS has a procedure i.e. PTLS/QPM/5.5/01 for the safe handling, transport, storage, use and planned maintenance of measuring equipment to ensure proper functioning and in order to prevent contamination or deterioration.
  •   When equipment is overloaded and suspected to give incorrect results, the equipment is isolated, repaired and calibrated before put in to service. The laboratory carries out checks for those entire test results which have been released from the suspected test equipment and corrective action are taken immediately which may include withdrawing of test results/intimation to customer etc.
  •   All calibrated equipment are labelled with calibration details such as date of calibration, next due date for calibration to indicate calibration status.
  •   Laboratory instruments go outside from laboratory only for their calibration, not for other purposes. Proper care is taken during their transportation to the calibration agency and from the agency.
  •   When intermediate checks are needed to maintain confidence in the calibration status of the equipment, these checks is carried out according to the Work Instruction/Manufacturer’s Manual or defined procedure.
  •   When calibration give rise to set of correction factors to be used while testing, the instruments are repaired and set to the extent possible to avoid use of correction factors.
  •   Test equipment, including both hardware and software, are safeguarded from adjustments that would invalidate the testing results.